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Suzuki DT 85 Model & Serial Numbers
This page contains detailed Micro-Fiche parts listings for the Suzuki Outboard model & years listed below. Click on the details button to open the parts catalog for your model year.
You can order these parts on-line by using the Part Numbers listed here.
Or you can place an order by calling us at 800-338-0645 with the part numbers found here.
Select Model Year Starting Serial No. Model Designation
1979 F-10001 DT 85TELN
1980 8501-001001 DT 85ELT
1981 8501-100000 DT 85TCLX
1982 8501-200000 DT 85TCLZ
1983 08501-300001 DT 85TCLD
1984 08501-410435 DT 85TCLE
1985 08501-512598 DT 85TCLF
1986 08501-614766 DT 85TCLG
1987 08501-716504 DT 85TCLH
Details 1988 08501-801001 DT 85TCLJ
Details 1989 08501-920698 DT 85TCLK
Details 1990 08501-011001 DT 85TCLL
Details 1991 08501-131001 DT 85TCLM
Details 1992 08501-231001 DT 85TCLN
Details 1993 08501-351001 DT 85TCLP
Details 1994 08501-461001 DT 85TCLR
Details 1995 08501-581001 DT 85TCLS
Details 1996 08501-651001 DT 85TCLT
Details 1997 08501-751001 DT 85TCLV
Details 1998 08501-861001 DT 85TCLW
Details 1999 08501-971001 DT 85TCLX
Details 2000 08501-030001 DT 85TCLY

All contents of this website apply to the continental U.S. market only.

Instructions for using this Suzuki Microfiche Parts Catalog

As of the 2011 - Suzuki no longer supports model years.
Be sure you have your model and serial numbers from your ID Tag before looking up parts.

  1. All quantities shown are the total used for that part. All parts listed are sold as each, you order one you get one! Check your quantities before you checkout.
  2. Dimensions of the parts in this catalog are indicated in Millimeters
  3. Inner Parts of an Assembly - Part name with a dot (▪) in front as shown in the description column indicates the component of the assembly is also available individually and is included with the part above it.
  4. Part numbers and prices subject to change without notice.
  5. Abbreviations used in this catalog are as follows:
AR :As Required
ASSY :Assembly
E.NO. :Engine Number
F.NO. :Frame Number
D :Diameter
ID :Inside Diameter
OD :Outside Diameter
L :Length
LH(PORT) :Left Hand Side
RH(STBD) :Right Hand Side
PTT :Power Tilt & Trim
(NLA) :No Longer Available - Discontinued
NT :Number of Teeth
OPT :Optional
OS :Oversize
STD :Standard
T :Thickness
US :Undersize
W :Width
W/ :With
S, L, X, XX :Transom Type
SUS :Stainless Stee
S/N :Serial Number


S :Short Shaft - 15" Transom Height
L :Long Shaft - 20" Transom Height
X :X Long Shaft - 25" Transom Height
XX :XX Long Shaft - 30" Transom Height
T :Power Tilt & Trim or Power Tilt
V :High Energy Rotation
F :Standard Rotation - 4-Stroke
Z :Counter Rotation - 4-Stroke
R :Remote Control
TH :Electric Start, TIller Handle, Power Tilt
P :Suzuki Select Rotation & PTT
G :Suzuki Precision Control

Prices and Part Numbers subject to change without notice.
All contents of this website apply to the continental U.S. market only.
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