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Suzuki DF 50 Model & Serial Numbers
This page contains detailed Micro-Fiche parts listings for the Suzuki Outboard model & years listed below. Click on the details button to open the parts catalog for your model year.
You can order these parts on-line by using the Part Numbers listed here.
Or you can place an order by calling us at 800-338-0645 with the part numbers found here.
Select Model Year Serial Number Range Model Designation
1999 05001F-971001 to 05001F-97XXXX DF 50TLX
2000 05001F-030001 to 05001F-03XXXX DF 50TLY
2001 05001F-151001 to 05001F-15XXXX DF 50TLK1
2002 05001F-251001 to 05001F-25XXXX DF 50TLK2
2003 05001F-371001 to 05001F-37XXXX DF 50TLK3
2004 05001F-421001 to 05001F-42XXXX DF 50TLK4
2005 05001F-510001 to 05001F-51XXXX DF 50TLK5
2006 05001F-680001 to 05001F-68XXXX DF 50TLK6
2007 05001F-780001 to 05001F-78XXXX DF 50TLK7
2008 05001F-880001 to 05001F-88XXXX DF 50TLK8
2009 05001F-980001 to 05001F-98XXXX DF 50TLK9
2010 05002F-010001 to 05002F-01XXXX DF 50TLK10

Suzuki DF 50A Model & Serial Numbers
  As of the 2011 - Suzuki no longer supports model years.
Be sure you have your model and serial numbers from your ID Tag before looking up parts.
Select Year Serial Number Range Model Designation
2011 05003F-110001 to 05003F-11XXXX DF 50ATL
2012 05003F-210001 to 05003F-21XXXX DF 50ATL
2014 05003F-410001 to 05003F-41XXXX
05004F-410001 to 05004F-41XXXX
2015 05003F-510001 to 05003F-51XXXX
05004F-510001 to 05004F-51XXXX
2016 05003F-610001 to 05003F-61XXXX
05004F-610001 to 05004F-61XXXX

All contents of this website apply to the continental U.S. market only.
Instructions for using this Suzuki Microfiche Parts Catalog
As of the 2011 - Suzuki no longer supports model years.
Be sure you have your model and serial numbers from your ID Tag before looking up parts.
1) All quantities shown are the total used for that part. All parts listed are sold as each, you order one you get one! Check your quantities before you checkout.
2) Dimensions of the parts in this catalog are indicated in Millimeters
3) Inner Parts of an Assembly - Part name with a dot (▪) in front as shown in the description column indicates the component of the assembly is also available individually and is included with the part above it.
4) Part numbers and prices subject to change without notice.
5) Abbreviations used in this catalog are as follows:

AR : As Required NT : Number of Teeth
ASSY : Assembly OPT : Optional
E.NO. : Engine Number OS : Oversize
F.NO. : Frame Number STD : Standard
D : Diameter T : Thickness
ID : Inside Diameter US : Undersize
OD : Outside Diameter W : Width
L : Length W/ : With
LH(PORT) : Left Hand Side S, L, X, XX : Transom Type
RH(STBD) : Right Hand Side SUS : Stainless Steel
PTT : Power Tilt & Trim S/N : Serial Number
(NLA) : No Longer Available - Discontinued    

S: Short Shaft - 15" Transom Height F: Standard Rotation - 4-Stroke
L: Long Shaft - 20" Transom Height Z: Counter Rotation - 4-Stroke
X: X Long Shaft - 25" Transom Height C: Carbureted
XX: XX Long Shaft - 30" Transom Height EFI: Electronic Fuel Injection
T: Power Tilt & Trim or Power Tilt TH: Tiller Handle
A: 2nd Generation 4 Stroke SPC: Suzuki Precision Control (Required G, P Models)
B: 3rd Generation 4 Strke M: Manual Trim
E: Electric Start Tiller Handle PT: Power Tilt
G: Suzuki Precision Control (SPC) PTT: Power Trim & Tilt
H: Tiller Handle    
P: Suzuki Select Rotation (SSR), SPC & PTT    
Q: Gas Assisted Tilt    
R: Electric Start, Remote Control    
SS: Sport, Bass    
T: Power Tilt & Trim    
V: High Energy Rotation    

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Prices and Part Numbers subject to change without notice.
All contents of this website apply to the continental U.S. market only.
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